Tetra Tokyo is a new format of

Toshi Ichikawa, freelance marketer in Tokyo.

With all the services kept all the same, the corporate format is started as Tetra Tokyo G.K.



The business of Tetra Tokyo is exactly the same as what Toshi Ichikawa provided as a freelancer, which includes:

Marketing and Advertising

  • Market Research

  • Consumer Interview Moderation

  • Brand Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Copywriting

Localization  for Japanese  Market

Business Services

  • Business Development

  • Local Produce and Coordination

  • Workshop Facilitation

English to Japanese


  • Advertising Contents

  • Website Contents

  • Creative Presentation

  • Film and Short Film subtitle

  • Survey Questionnaire

  • Research Report

  • Press Release

  • Media Data

  • Business/Marketing Presentation

Before starting the freelancing business, I have 20 years of working experiences in global agencies such as Beacon Communications, BBDO, etc., as well as working as Account Executive in Japanese local agency DAIKO, Marketing Manager of Groupon Japan, Account Manager of CX consulting firm, etc..



Tetra Tokyo

While providing services regarding all the marketing and advertising needs as a freelancer Toshi Ichikawa since March 2018, I noticed that there were various needs for me to help brands for their business success. With the company entity registration, I am sure that I can help more businesses. This is the background of my transit to Tetra Tokyo G.K.

From the localization to Japanese copywriting and full branding and even business supports, I am here in Tokyo to help you. Contact me anytime.



Toshi Ichikawa as a freelancer helped the Clients such as below directly or indirectly. Tetra Tokyo is happy to continue to work with these Clients as well as other many good clients hopefully. 





2-30-4 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku,

Tokyo 151-0053, Japan

Tetra Tokyo G.K.

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