tetra tokyo was started in January 2020 by Toshi Ichikawa, a freelance marketer in Tokyo. Registered as Tetra Tokyo G.K., tetra tokyo provides the same services offered by Toshi but under a corporate format.
In 2021, tetra tokyo is embarking on a new journey to bring fresh air to the advertising industry with disruptive and borderless collaboration. One step toward this goal is tetra tokyo's monthly webinar "tetra-lab.", targeting ad industry professionals.




tetra tokyo can provide help and meet needs in the following areas:


Marketing and Advertising

  • Market Research

  • Consumer Interview Moderation

  • Brand Strategy

  • Content Strategy

  • Copywriting




  • Advertising Contents

  • Website Contents

  • Creative Presentation Support

  • Film and Short Film subtitles

Business Services

  • Business Development Support

  • Local Producing and Coordination

  • Workshop Facilitation

English to Japanese


  • Survey Questionnaire

  • Research Report

  • Press Release

  • Media Data

  • Business/Marketing Presentation

Before starting his freelancing business, Toshi Ichikawa had 20+ years of experience working in global agencies, such as Beacon Communications and BBDO, with the Japanese agency DAIKO, and as marketing manager of Groupon Japan and account manager of CX, a leading US consulting firm.

My Clients before freelancing included Nike, P&G, Mars, Toyota, Domino's, etc.



tetra tokyo

Our services are not limited to freelancing help or advertising and marketing expertise. Our ambitions extend far beyond that.


Mission – Make the advertising industry brighter and happier.

We bring fresh air to the advertising industry, the revitalization of which will lead to the happiness of the whole society.


Vision – Change the sentiments of society with our LOVE, keeping a co-creation mentality at the forefront of our mind.

We produce advertising for the future, with freedom from place, language, current roles and conventional customs.
We believe in what advertising can do, increasing the excitement of ad professionals.


Value - Break down the barrier with a DISRUPTIVE mindset.

Free from convention / Different points of view are positive assets (DIVERSITY) / Group dynamics encouraged / Changes welcome / Innovator spirit / Stick to the heart of the matter



tetra tokyo, including Toshi Ichikawa as a freelancer, has helped many clients (see below) both directly and indirectly.

tetra tokyo is happy to continue working with these clients as well as welcome future opportunities with many new clients. The goal is for mutual happinesses among all "tetra" (four) parties: consumer, client, creative resources, media, with tetra tokyo performing as a core of them.


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2-30-4 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku,

Tokyo 151-0053, Japan

Tetra Tokyo G.K.