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in-house projects

At Tetra Tokyo, we cherish the three keywords #Inclusion, #Co-creation, and #Disruption and aim to be an innovative advertising company in the advertising and marketing field through our in-house ventures. We plan to recruit collaborators widely in the future, so please bookmark us♬




"Knowing makes it more fun."
We operate webinars to add spice to your work and life.
Thank you for attending on April 5.
The next one is on May 10th from 7 PM.

What kind of intelligence is needed in the AI era?
We will invite Mr. Kosho, an AI researcher and entrepreneur who will publish "Gentle Intelligence," to talk with us.

Details will be announced soon.
For more information about "tetra-lab.", please click here



We will set up a multipurpose lounge, "tetra-lounge" at TRP2023. Let's meet at Yoyogi Park.
The special page will be released soon. Stay tuned♪

Date: April 22nd-23rd

Location: Yoyogi Park

For more info about TRP 2023, click here 



A community-based E-Commerce platform to introduce wonderful products from around the world.
Currently preparing for the store opening.
Starting gradually from Instagram.

Please check it out.
We appreciate your support and follow.


Currently developing an advertising copy development platform where AI and humans co-create. We will be recruiting the cooperation of many people in the future.
Currently under development.

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