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I heard that ABC NEWS PRIME picked up the "rent-a-person who does nothing" story ...


ABC NEWS PRIME picked up the "rent-a-person who does nothing" story early this month, and articles about this person have taken off globally.

Actually, I also used his service. This is my personal analysis, but I think that in order to understand the significance/relevancy of the service he provides, you should learn about the Japanese sense of human relationships, which serves as the foundation of Japan's society.

We are educated not to bother people. We always live with the eyes of others in mind. We always separate the inside from the outside; we can be open with our relatives and friends, but we have to be careful because they could overly worry or become judgemental. Even when sharing your troubles or worries, it is often a smarter choice to not reveal the full truth unless it's a big deal.

On the contrary, you should be always neutral without exposing your real self to other people. Making everything vague as to not start a discussion and to get a safer response is better because you can avoid things becoming too negative. Some people look to social media as a form of escape; however, there is always the risk of being unexpectedly bashed.

Japanese virtues value the golden mean and remaining inconspicuous.

For a Japanese person who lives with such a difficult yet exquisite balance as a matter of course, having a person who does nothing, looking just like the Maitreya Bodhisattva, on your side, allows them to regain their confidence and do what they should do, which is to spend time in a way that they can face themselves properly. Thus concludes my analysis.

Links to the articles:

ABC NEWSでもレンタルなんもしない人が取り上げられたようなので…




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