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If successfully sent, you will receive a message from another participant.

Our team will analyze the messages collected to create a visual representation of our shared pride. 
Stay updated with the results:

Thank you for your participation and contribution to our Pride message-sharing platform. We will create a vivid tapestry of pride, connection, and unity.


Day 1 - Saturday


Day 2 - Sunday

Day 2 final.jpg

tetra-lounge content

April 22, Saturday. The 1st day of the TRP.

Please enjoy these sessions,

feel relaxed and be you.

tetra-lounge content

April 23, Sunday. The last day of the TRP.

Please enjoy these sessions,

feel relaxed and be you.



Aiming to grow our projects through collaboration with more people, we are opening up the tetra-lounge at this year's TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE. is a project that utilizes AI to develop creative advertising copy, striving for innovation in the advertising industry. On the other hand, aims to create a co-creative social EC platform by introducing good products from around the world and realizing a consumption society based on individual values. As these projects require collaboration with numerous partners, we believe that the tetra-lounge will help build connections with various people and advance our projects.


In the articles compiled by the TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE team, you can find detailed information about the free booth application and the announcement of the winners (which also includes the background of this initiative).


Click here for the article on the announcement of the winners
Click here for the article on the free booth application


We hope that the tetra-lounge will serve as a catalyst for bringing together people interested in our projects and fostering the emergence of new ideas and collaborators.

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