top of page is a linguistic and copywriting optimization tool that develops and localizes a brand's copy into region-specific content.

We've automated the process, reducing costs by


and speeding up delivery by



What's new
in is not just an AI project.


We believe in the


power of human

and AI collaboration.

Here's how it works and our distinctiveness. 

AI and Human collaboration

AI, AI, Human, Human

  • Our AI starts by shaping a brief, then creates a draft copy, which is then polished by human editors on our platform—finally, our panels vote on which copy to go.
    The AI then learns from the edits, continuously enhancing the quality of its output.

Creative Copywriting

We respect local culture.

  • Unlike other solutions, we focus on creative copywriting that goes beyond translation, learning not just the language but also the local culture and context.

Our team

Not Engineer. Not Ad Agency. 

  • Our team of four, all leaders in our respective fields, brings a diverse range of expertise to TetraX.



We revolutionize the way businesses communicate around the world.

TetraX is an AI startup with a mission to democratize the creative process. We are aiming to disrupt the agency landscape by developing and deploying a multilingual creative engine that combines Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Crowdsourcing to create inspiring, but quick, effective, and affordable copywriting for brands.

Next Steps

We've just launched our alpha version and are preparing to release the beta version in six months. The Japanese government has approved a 230,000 USD subsidy for this startup.

We are now developing the Japanese language model but will move to the English model, then to other language models.

If you want to be part of this exciting venture, whether as an investor or a partner, we'd love to hear from you. 


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2-30-4 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku,

Tokyo 151-0053, Japan

TetraX, Inc.

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