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New Year Greetings

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

New Year Greetings

Tetra Tokyo G.K., which burst onto the scene thanks to the drastic changes of the recent advertising industry, has been supporting works in advertising and marketing from various aspects, aiming to keep its team size to a minimum and provide maximum results.

In 2021, its second year, a new journey will begin.

In a nutshell, "Double & Double, Win x Win" is the plan.

We will double the number of contacts of the excellent talent resources that can help Tetra Tokyo.

We will also double the access to projects where Tetra Tokyo can function as a hub.

No matter how many talent resources and projects you can access, the belief of producing the maximum result while keeping the team size to a minimum will not change.

This is because we borrow the time of the most suitable talent resources only when necessary. So to speak, it is a sharing economy system of the the human resources in advertising professionals.

With this mechanism, we bring happiness both to the creator side (advertising experts resources) and the investor side (advertiser).

In this era when all boundaries are disappearing, we will embark on this experimental trial. We want to take advantage of our encounters with talented ad professionals to bring a breath of fresh air to the Japanese advertising industry. I also think that the "client vs. agency" structure has already become vague, so I would like to connect more and more with professionals in the advertising industry.

Thank you for reading until the end.

Let's make a fun year together.


激しい時代の変化に押し出されたような形で、ひょっこり生まれたTetra Tokyo G.K. は、最小のユニットで最大の効果を生み出すことにモットーに、広告・マーケティング分野のお手伝いを、様々な側面から行ってきました。


一言で言うと、「倍&倍で、Win x Win」計画。

Tetra Tokyoのお手伝いをしていただける優秀なリソースとの接点を倍に倍に増やします。

Tetra Tokyoがハブとして機能できる案件へのアクセスも倍に倍に増やします。



あらゆる境界がなくなっていくこの時代に、このある種実験的な取り組みに踏み出します。優秀なタレントとの出会いを生かして、日本の広告業界に新しい風を吹かせたい。クライアント vs エージェンシーという構造も、すでに曖昧になっているとも思っているので、広告に関わるみなさまとどんどんつながりたいですー。


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