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Disruption School certificate

Updated: Apr 18, 2021


Disruption School certificate

My spirit as a natural born learner has started driving me to taking classes recent couple of years; starting with Copywriting School, Disruption School; both from Sendenkaigi, and then Disruptive Strategy Programme of Oxford Said Business School from next month. I post this as I finished Disruption School yesterday and got a certificate:)

Quotes inspiring my learning spirit:

“Today is the result of my life up to now and the beginning day of my life from now on.” (Ha-chu “Ambition within a radius of 5 meters”)

“Some say age appropriate, but for me, being above 100 years old, I have no idea what is age appropriate.”

(Toko Shinoda “What I learned when I became 103 years old - You can enjoy your life enough by yourself”)

“Continuation and Effort are purely the most effective items for you to decorate you.”

(kemio “me and us, having an eternal runway toward caskets”)







(篠田桃紅「一◯三歳になってわかったこと 人生は一人でも面白い」)



(kemio 「ウチら棺桶まで永遠のランウェイ!」)

己のDNAに刻まれた学びの心が、まるで狂い咲きのごとく咲き乱れ、宣伝会議のコピーライター 養成講座の後、Disruption Schoolを受講した。また、来月から、Oxford大学のDisruptive Strategy Programmeを受講する。

昨日いただいたDisruption Schoolの修了証がこちら。

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